Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Operation Water Bottle

I bought this cool stainless steel reusable water bottle from Starbucks using a gift card a good friend gave me for my birthday.

I was out of town for 8 days and decided to keep my bottle full of filtered water and not buy one plastic water bottle. Besides morning coffee and evening wine, water is what I drink.

Before I officially decided on my challenge, I purchased a gallon of filtered water at the grocery store. Rest assured, people, this jug was refilled about 4 times and was used to fill up my cool stainless steel water bottle.

I took advantage of the filtered water at Wahoo's Fish Tacos when I ate there five times.

The Sheraton had a gym with a water filtration system, so I was able to fill up anytime between 6am and 10:30pm. Before I discovered this, the bartender filled up my water bottle.

I didn't plan ahead one night, but still secured a water supply by filling my bottle with ice and letting it melt while I slept. Thank God, Buddha, Allah & The Universe for the

Overpriced $3.25 bottles of water weren’t my motivation, but I've heard enough about BPAs in plastics that I find myself guarding my reproductive system. And yes, I did refill that plastic gallon jug... but I didn't heat it up!

I filled up at a locally-owned coffee shop in LoDo. Thank you for the water, sorry I spilled it all over the floor, but your iced lattes still suck. I'm so glad we found a Peet's Coffee on Sunday.

I wasn't shy about asking Starbucks to fill my bottle up with water.

The Warwick Hotel had an awesome workout room on the 15th floor overlooking downtown Denver. And, yes, we did actually workout and didn't just fill up on water.

The Warwick's workout room also had lemon water, which is my favorite.

I also managed to avoid the $5 Fiji water bottles at the Warwick.

I made it 8 days without buying a plastic water bottle (other than the initial gallon jug). Some other places that filled up my water bottle: Whole Foods, The Randolph Room, 24-Hour Fitness, and Red Rocks Grill.


  1. That's awesome! You're so green and inspiring! I wish I could've said the same for my time in NY. I carry the Starbucks bottle you gave me everywhere, now, and haven't bought a plastic bottle in the last 2 weeks.

  2. Impressive... and hilarious that you took all those pictures! I need to get one of those.