Saturday, August 29, 2009

death is but one night to the soul

I spent 13 years getting to know Tony, an orange cat I adopted from the pound. Probably few can understand the connection we had; soulmate is the closest word that fits. My view of life within the Universe is fairly non-hierarchical; consequently, I have learned a great deal from non-human relationships. My first experience of this was soon after my mom died. I could feel her in the wind, I could sense her presence in the trees, and could feel how strongly we remained connected. The ways I perceived her cannot be explained with words; this is where language limits us.

Shortly before Tony died, I read a book that changed my life, a book that could be dubbed as The Idiot's Guide to A Course In Miracles. I believe when we are seeking, it's not coincidences that are brought forth as lessons, rather, a heightened sense of awareness grows in response to our seeking. In other words, things are there all along, we just haven't developed the context to see them.

When Tony was sick, I consulted with a talented woman who provided a "reading" that bridged the gap between two loved ones - one who was too wrapped up in the physical world and grieving too hard (me) to directly receive the words of a more enlightened being (Tony). His words that she passed on have been carried with me in a small red envelope for 3 years. While dealing with the grief of my nephew's transition, I am reminded that this physical experience we become so tied to is just one part of who we really are.
We have a little secret. We are all one. So I'm not really going anywhere. It's an illusion, an adventure, a play. You will wake up shortly and I will be there.

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