Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open Doors

I haven't had much faith lately. I broke down today when my intricate plans fell apart. The week of October 5th was our planned IVF cycle date. We decided on a clinic in St. Louis since the close proximity would allow us to travel back and forth for a few weeks. The clinic we really want to use is in San Francisco, but with the distance it's not feasible to travel back and forth, so we'd be looking at a two-week stay.

Wanting to know the best course of action upfront and thinking things have to make sense right now has created stress for me. We don't have to do the most logical or practical thing, because the Universe knows the best path for us to take. We don't know the end of this story; it will all make sense in time. My only job is to accept when one door closes and keep my eyes on the doors that do open. Faith is trusting that the next door will open; control is struggling to open the door that's already closed. I'm learning to move on gracefully...

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  1. While it's a good lesson to learn, it's never fun at the time. Let's learn gracefully together, my friend. I still don't have a magic wand, but please never hesitate to call on me for whatever support I can offer. :)