Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Assembled Team

Sometimes it can take more than a man and woman for pregnancy to occur. In our case, I've enlisted a team. Many hours have been devoted to research, consultations, and even some bad matches. Finally, we have people we trust. Following trust is hope - something I haven't felt in a long time.

Reproductive Endocrinologist: We found a knowledgeable and caring physician in St. Louis for our IVF cycle.

Reproductive Immunologist: I've been working with Dr. Kwak-Kim in Chicago for a year. She is the past president of the American Society for Reproductive Immunology and has dedicated her career to research of the immune system's role in human reproduction.

Acupuncturist: Mary Zhang specializes in fertility and has helped many people. Mary and her assistant, also Mary, are extremely knowledgeable and have pointed me to some of the best medical providers in the country. Acupuncture becomes even more important around the time of embryo transfer.

Midwife: This was an accident since I was really looking for a new ob-gyn, but I recruited the most wonderful midwife at my primary care physician's office. Jeanie is a breath of fresh air and doesn't criticize what she doesn't understand. She is excited to learn about our protocol and help out however she can, which includes drawing my blood and handing the tubes back to me so I can ship them to Dr. Kwak-Kim. How refreshing.

Therapist: Kris Probasco is a counselor specializing in fertility issues, has extensive understanding of ART procedures, and is familiar with reproductive endocrinologists and their practices throughout the US. She also runs an adoption agency, including embryo adoption.

Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist: Joan Schmeltz performs this ancient massage technique that can assist with things like getting a tilted uterus in its ideal position.

Hypnotherapy: I already wrote about working with a hypnotherapist in Denver. Since relaxation and a calm mind are important components to conception, I'll be utilizing the meditation techniques that Jim Schwartz taught me, along with some guided meditation CDs.

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  1. yippee ... welcome to the blog world! good to see you! we'll be praying about your baby situation.