Friday, January 15, 2010

New Direction

I admit it, the second half of 2009 was hard. Really hard. 2010 feels like a refreshing opportunity to move forward. I realize it's up to each of us to decide what perspective we're going to have, regardless of what life throws our way. In other words, happiness is always a choice. I knew this, but I wasn't practicing it. And it's okay. It's unrealistic to be happy all the time. I think contentment is a better aspiration. Contentment involves embracing life - the perceived good and bad - without judgment. And this is where faith comes in: Knowing that whatever is going on now is just a piece of the bigger picture.

With faith, I move into 2010 with an open heart. So far, I've become acquainted with both new and forgotten interests and have been inspired by others' creativity. As I surrender to the things seeking fuller expression through me, I trust that I'm on the path that will enlarge me and move me toward the person I'm meant to be. Our souls long for meaning and participation in our own greatness.

So, here's what has been on my mind...

The working poor. The underpaid people who clean your offices, sew your clothes, take care of your kids, and serve you at Wal-Mart. How much of their labor is essential to our society's growth and comfort?

How can so many people be hungry in a nation with so many resources at its disposal? I was once feeling sorry for myself over dinner at an upscale restaurant - until I looked out the window at a woman shuffling by with a shopping cart full of her belongings. How can I help empower people who want a different life?

Yes, of course, I like nice things. This is my dream kitchen. Ah, someday.

I adore party planning. How can that be when I'm such an introvert? I so love the details and creativity involved.