Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too good to be true?

I read a pretty little story today about a few women who got pregnant after doing guided imagery for fertility. I like happy endings, but after reading this piece, I find myself wondering if they still would have magically become pregnant if male-factor infertility was a/the cause of fertility problems. If male factor was involved, wouldn't the male partner need to participate in the guided imagery exercises if success was going to be attributed to guided imagery? I do own this CD, by the way, and am a firm believer in holistic approaches to anything seemingly physical. But come on, where's the male version of this thing?

I also think I might be brewing up another topic for future research: Sexism in fertility diagnostics and treatment. For instance, some physicians fall short in addressing or acknowledging the male's contribution to a couple's fertility issues. More to come on this exciting subject!

PS: I'm humbled at the timeliness of how things unfold! Within hours of posting this entry, I discovered my own physician in St. Louis started a blog and is devoting equal time to discussing both female and male issues related to fertility. Awesome! Thanks, Dr. Ahlering.