Saturday, January 22, 2011

Destination: Shopping

My sweet husband invited me to go on an upcoming business trip with him. When I realized I'd have the opportunity to shop at IKEA, H&M, and some other stores that my midwestern city does not have, I got really excited! You see, I've had my eye on this IKEA kitchen table that happens to not be available online.

At $179, what a steal! If the trip wasn't scheduled in winter, I'd seriously consider renting a UHaul, filling it up, and driving back.

I've been checking to see which of my favorite stores are in the DC area. I was disappointed that a CB2 store will be opening in DC a month after I'm there!

I've been digging these color balls; fortunately CB2 has online ordering.

Where do you like to shop?


  1. I like to shop at Ikea, too, and I don't understand why KC doesn't have one. We don't have one here in Mongolia, either, obviously, but we made a trip to one of the Beijing locations this spring.

  2. I suppose if there was an IKEA in KC, I might find it less appealing. However, when I traveled, I might spend more time sightseeing instead of shopping at chain stores that aren't in my hometown. ;)