Sunday, January 9, 2011

Design Challenge

When we bought our house, I knew I would be making a lot of changes to this room to bring it up-to-date. Either I've lost my decorating mojo or I overestimated my decorating abilities, because this project has me overwhelmed. I feel stuck!

Before: A room desperate for updates.

Hello, my name is wood. I'm everywhere!

  • Plan A: Keep the red brick look. I actually like the look of the corner fireplace.
  • Plan B: If it absolutely will not look modern regardless of other things we do in the room, then we paint it.
I get exhausted looking at this room because there are lines going every which way. I hope that painting it will help the lines "disappear." Removing the paneling is not an option now.

I am leaning toward a glossier finish than I'd normally do on sheetrock. Yay or nay?

What color for the walls? A soft white? A light grey to coordinate with the mortar and hopefully tie the room together?

The trim throughout the house is white, and I plan to paint the trim white in this room.

We don't have a purpose for this room yet. We're thinking a family room - without a tv. Maybe big comfy chairs to lounge in...

Progress: Light fixture replaced!

All primed and ready for... something?


  1. hello and happy new year!
    love the new light cool.
    if you want the fireplace to look modern i'd drywall over the brick. (please check to see if that's what you do, to smooth it all out, i have no idea if drywall can actually go over brick...ahem!) check out this beautiful photo for inspiration:

    good luck!

  2. Thanks, Kathi! Happy new year to you too. I love the corner fireplace in the link you posted and I'm really loving those curtains in the picture. Too bad most of my energy lately has been spent hunkering down trying to keep warm! That seems to hamper my productivity. ;)