Sunday, July 19, 2009

what I've really been wanting to discuss

I quit my job over two years ago. One purpose was to figure out another life path, but I was also naively subscribing to the theory: just relax, then you'll get pregnant. If only it was that simple. I would love to spend several more years addressing the root cause(s) of this problem, while seeking optimal health; unfortunately, we don't have years to spare.

For awhile, I was bitter about having to allocate our resources to out-of-pocket medical expenses. It's prevented us from buying a bigger house, going on vacations, doing much-needed remodeling, and buying newer model cars. I could become a heroin addict by choice and my rehabilitation would be covered by insurance; however, anything to do with getting pregnant is not covered.

We've narrowed our search to two doctors. One is Dr. Zouves in San Francisco. I read his book a year ago. I was inspired by it, but had no idea that I would someday consider becoming his patient.

Hopefully our very first IVF cycle can happen as soon as September. My reproductive immunologist needs at least one month lead time to treat me before she gives the green light to our reproductive endocronologist.

This will be an exercise in giving up control. Making travel plans isn't possible since I'm at the mercy of my own body and Dr. Zouves' schedule. We're hiring one of the best physicians in the country so we can be assured that our protocol is tailored to the needs of our individual case. In giving up control, the last thing I need is the responsibility of micro-managing a physician. I finally feel a little bit hopeful...

This book is an amazing read. I could hardly put it down. Presented are many interesting family planning choices and dilemmas that most of us will never be confronted with.

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