Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Eggs

My egg retrieval is at 4:30pm today. I must be the clinic's last person of the day. (Sorry, Steve, going to the Cardinals game is out tonight.) Since I have to fast from water and food for 10 hours, I got up at 5AM to eat and drink (food purchased at 2pm isn't always appealing at 5am!), now my plan is to sleep as long as I can until this afternoon. When I later wake up from my anesthesia, I will know how many eggs they were able to retrieve: One question answered! The next few days will address the quality of the eggs, as we receive daily reports on the progress and quality of the embryos.

1 comment:

  1. I am so hopeful and excited about today. Feels like this day has been coming for a loooooong time. I am so proud of you and Steve for your commitment and dedication to your family. As I've watched you journey through this, I have learned that conceiving a baby can be much like a pregnancy in itself (although considerably longer)... All the doctors appointments, methods of treatment, sacrifices and investment required that greatly exceed merely being intimate with your spouse. When we were trying to conceive our children we were hopeful and excited. But, for you and Steve, it has required a much greater commitment and LOVE for the unconceived child. I don't get the sense that you just love THE IDEA of becoming parents, but that you actually love THE CHILD that is to come. The child you will one day be blessed with will be so richly blessed to have you and Steve for parents. God bless you guys!