Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will Work for Food

A good friend of mine recently served as chair for a wine dinner honoring the top supporters of a non-profit agency. Somewhere along the way I unofficially hopped on board and helped her design and assemble the centerpieces. I had the opportunity to attend the dinner as well, and was able to bring along my guy. Can't beat that - I love event planning, I had a great time working on the centerpieces, and then I was able to attend a fabulous dinner!

Our centerpiece creation.

The vase complemented the wine theme quite nicely.

The chairperson and her unofficial assistant.

Me with my date.

I just love this picture of my dear husband.


  1. fab photos! love the vase for the theme too...great job!

  2. I love those red shoes... they are very fetching!

  3. Admit it! I was right about your fab red shoes! Couldn't have done this without you, friend.

  4. Great to catch up with you! Lovely pics. Would love to hear more about your fab life? Could I interest you in a brief guest post about ...? You're a great role model!

  5. Thank you, Pamela! I would love to do a guest post!