Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Powerful Mind

This morning I noticed a bruise underneath my big toenail. I don’t remember hitting my foot on anything, but all of a sudden my toe really started to hurt. Yep, it began to hurt after I saw the bruise.

I used to receive weekly acupuncture treatments, and some sensitive spots on my hands would hurt from the time the needle was inserted to when it was taken out. Oh, how I dreaded having my hands poked. One week, I was lying on the table while my hand ached from the needle and I bravely picked up my hand to look at it. There was no needle there! I realized my practitioner skipped that spot – so why was my hand hurting? Duh. It was all in my mind! Just like today, when my toe didn’t hurt until I saw it was bruised.

These experiences remind me how powerful our minds really are. And that, my friend, is empowering.

What is your mind telling you?

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  1. Fascinating isn't it, what the mind can do to influence our reality?

    Just stopping by to say hello, Marci, and to thank you for your regular comments and insights.